The Call for submissions for the AHECS Cybersecurity Summit 2021 is open! 

The theme for the Summit in 2021 is “Extraordinary Together”. Cybersecurity is best played as a team sport. The time to be extraordinary together is now, to plant the seeds for our collective future.

The AHECS Cybersecurity Summit will be held as an online event on 09-10 November 2021 with webinars leading up to and post the Summit.

The Summit is an event produced by the sector, for the sector and focused on the Higher Education and Research cybersecurity, identity management and privacy community.   

Over the two days, participants will have opportunities to share, develop and sustain their cybersecurity expertise, explore solutions to challenges within the sector and network with peers. Sessions will provide access to the latest information, innovation and peer presentations along with breakout discussions and workshops aimed at addressing common challenges.   

The Summit is looking for submissions which reflect this theme in the following areas:  

  • Understanding cybercrime better to improve security practices
  • How the sector can better collaborate to fight cybercrime or enhance cybersecurity practices
  • What we can learn from organised cyber-criminal groups
  • Common scams and why we fall for them
  • Malware vectors, why email is commonly used?
  • Difference between intelligence and information
  • Creating a CTI strategy
  • Using what we have – many organisations have a lot of tools but are they using them to their potential?
  • Creating a truly trusted network of peers to share and collaborate
  • How can we encourage innovation in cyber security practices?
  • Positive reinforcement – encouraging a cyber safe security culture and stop victim blaming to encourage reporting
  • User awareness and training in the Higher Ed sector, share your success stories
  • Executive and board level, are they engaged and are they cyber savvy?
  • The fundamentals, what are we still missing?
  • No budget, so how do we mature?
  • Something out of nothing
  • Using the “stuff” properly
  • Risk is a lens
  • Using open source tools
  • AHECS Partner showcase
  • Federation, whose connected?
  • Government legislation
  • Authentication futures
  • Foreign Interference
  • Defence and Security
  • Responding to the threat by doing it differently
  • Where is my data?
  • Data sovereignty
  • Data protection and privacy 
  • Third party risk, is anyone doing it?
  • SASE, what does it really mean?
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
  • Incident management, tell us your story
  • Zero trust, what are the steps on your journey

 Sessions can follow a variety of formats. Please indicate your preferred format on your abstract submission. Potential formats include but are not limited to following:  

  •  Interactive presentations  
  • Interchange and experiences  
  • Case study/ use cases  
  • Birds of a Feather sessions (BoF’s)  
  • Panels  
  • Table discussions  
  • Fireside chat  
  • Workshops  
  • Showcase  
  • Lightening talks (TED style talks)  

Submit your abstract (<200 words) via Summit form

Submission deadline is Friday 14 May 2021.   

Follow the  Summit as it evolves:

We look forward to your abstract. The AHECS Cybersecurity Summit is a not to be missed experience.