AHECS has a formal governance structure to ensure that AHECS leverages the capabilities and expertise of its partner entities to strengthen the sector’s overall cybersecurity posture

AHECS Executive Steering Committee is the strategic decision-making body for AHECS. Responsible for the strategic direction, performance and financial oversight in delivering the AHECS.

AHECS Operations Group is the operational and administrative group for AHECS. Responsible for providing oversight, support and administration (day to day running) in delivering AHECS.

AHECS Advisory Council is an advisory body for the AHECS. Responsible for providing advice on risks, innovation and priorities using relevant experience and input from the AHECS Advisory Forum.

CAUDIT Members own CAUDIT and are consumers of AHECS services. CAUDIT, AusCERT, AARNet, AAF and REANNZ have stakeholders in common – either as members or shareholders.